01 Sep 2014
September 1, 2014

How To Make A Tie Blanket


How To: Tie Fleece Blanket

How to make a no sew tie fleece blanket. Super easy!

25 Responses to How To Make A Tie Blanket
  1. Thank you for sharing. Made the instructions easy!!!!!! Cute baby!!!

  2. Cute!

  3. Making one of these for my Mama’s 90th birthday! thanks for making it
    super simple. :) 

  4. Thank you. I was confused on the corner thing but you made it clear :) 

  5. Im trying this for the first time should i trim the edges first? someone
    said i should/

  6. Very cute !!! I was surprised at how easy it was and looks so cute this
    would make a great baby shower gift too!!!

  7. Awesome video! Thanks!

  8. @heatherlycke Lol, wow crazy

  9. Where did you get that fabric? >.<” It’s beautiful!

  10. @Javey1000 Ya it would totally make a great gift!

  11. Thank you this was A VERY good tutorial!

  12. Did she say it took her about $40 to make?!?! O_o

  13. this is great!!! I never thought that people can make a no sew fleece
    blanket I gonna try this and see how it turns out to be
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait

  14. That looks so easy!! Thanks for showing us how!

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! It is such a GREAT idea! I’m going to use the idea
    for gifts, I have never seen anything like it! Your little girls are so so

  16. MissPhantomMystique September 1, 2014 at 12:04 pm Reply

    ooohh i want to go get some fleece now :)

  17. @mrsmommy81 Thanks!

  18. @hellofrommandyful Your welcome! :)

  19. why do yu hace to cut out the coners?

  20. We just made or 21 month old son one of these last night and then I wake up
    and see your video lol. Too funny.

  21. schizophrenic bunny September 1, 2014 at 3:12 pm Reply

    i got mine from JOANNA’S I dont know if they have that store where you live

  22. your baby is so cute! I just adore her. :)

  23. I’ve been wanting to make a big one myself. My step-mom made one for my
    kids & they’re so nice:) Great vid:)

  24. im gana use the same chekerd design it helps,cuz the lines are the same
    from both ways :)


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