31 Aug 2014
August 31, 2014

How To Make A Toga


How to make a  toga

How to make a SEXY toga because we all know togas dont look good on ANYONE.
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http://bit.ly/qCfO8e – How to Make a Toga- Women’s Halter Top Toga show you how to make a stylish women’s toga. This cute toga for girls is always a hit and …
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25 Responses to How To Make A Toga
  1. Nice rack.

  2. i have a toga party this saturday and i dont care if this is a real toga or

  3. Love this idea.. UTC’s Kappa Sigma’s Toga Party is this weekend so I’m
    giving this a try!! thanks!

  4. Holy shit it just started off from a piece of fabric to a damn prom dress..

  5. i t looks like stephanies goig out clothes

  6. LOVEE. Definitely rocking this to a toga mixer on Saturday.

  7. What length is the fabric you used? This is awesome by the way

  8. traditionally togas and togas girls make for toga parties at college are
    totally different…. maybe if the fabric was white you’d see if
    better….this is a really easy idea i’d never thought of thanks!

  9. How much material are you using? (What length)?

  10. love this toga very pretty…yea i am deff gunna try this :)

  11. Wow! That was nice!!!And it turned out to be a sexy dress!

  12. i just think she is hot.

  13. easy and sexy! so far i like this the best. thanks

  14. worst toga ever, its not even a toga.

  15. That was great! You are a life saver

  16. This is not a toga.

  17. it looked like a prom dress before u made it shorter

  18. Lol…NICE!

  19. how much fabric did you use for that?

  20. SOOOO PRETTY! Brillant! It looked awesome on you!

  21. amazing. tht is the best toga iv ever seen! ther all real shapeless and
    mehr lol. thank you so much!

  22. awesome!

  23. that doesnt even look like a toga it looks bad

  24. may I try to fit your amazing …. BOOOOOOOOOOBSSS!???!!!

  25. it looks cute. great job


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